E2 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

$48.00 USD

  • Product Description

      Never put up with a dull knife again. Knives that are not sharp are not just frustrating, but dangerous to use. But if you don't perfectly angle them on a stone, you risk ruining your blade. 

      That's where the E2 comes in. This electric sharpener has built-in angle guides ensure the perfect, uniform edge for a flawless slice from tip to heel, and an automated timer lets you know you when your knife is sharp. The E2 uses flexible abrasives for a gentler sharpening and a sharper edge. 


      • kitchen knives
      • scissors
      • shears
      • pocket knives
      • even serrated knives


      For the ultimate combo, pair with our ceramic steel to keep your knife honed for day to day use.