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Prepare to go Hardcore Carnivore®.

hardcore carnivore rubs

Hardcore Carnivore Black, Red & Amplify.

Hardcore Carnivore rubs have been designed with all-natural ingredients (all killer, no filler!) and are a must have for any serious meat cook. 

Hardcore Carnivore Black:

This jet black colored, charcoal based seasoning rub will completely transform your grilling experience. Black is a gluten and MSG free rub, designed to complement steaks and meats of all kinds (though it is particularly magical with beef!). It has all the standard spices and ingredients to take your steaks and meats to the next level, with the addition of one exotic ingredient… there’s charcoal in the rubClick here to purchase

Hardcore Carnivore Red:

Meet Hardcore Carnivore: Red. A product designed specifically to give your butts, ribs and roasts and incredible bright red finish. Unlike many rubs designed for pork, Hardcore Red is not particularly sweet. This allows cooks to customize their own levels of sweetness using honey/brown sugar in wraps, and finishing sauces. Click here to purchase

Hardcore Carnivore Amplify:

Hardcore Carnivore Amplify turns up the savory volume and intensifies the flavor of your food. This MSG-free seasoning is designed to provide an extra boost of umami to anything you sprinkle it on. Use Amplify on it’s own as a finishing powder or in conjunction with your favorite rub for an extra boost of savory flavor. Click here to purchase

The Hardcore Carnivore line was created by Jess Pryles, and is proudly made in Texas.

In addition to our family of rubs & seasonings, we pride ourselves on bringing you badass merchandise and clever accessories for the discerning carnivore. Shop the full range, here