Smoked Texas BBQ Brisket

Classic Texas BBQ brisket with an incredible bark from our Black rub.

Double smoked ham

Double the smoke for double the flavor, with an ultra-glossy finish from our Burnt Ends Sauce.

Bacon wrapped chicken bites

Smokey flavor bombs of bacon wrapped chicken, stuffed with cream cheese and fresh jalapeno.

Sauced'n'Smoked baby back ribs

Baby back ribs smoked to bite-tender perfection with a sweet-glaze finish.

Pork Rind Nachos w. Pulled Pork

An epic snack-worthy tray of pork rinds, smothered with BBQ pulled pork and all the fixins.

FAST grilled steak with Black

How to nail PERFECT restaurant quality steaks cooked on the home grill.

BBQ pulled pork sandwiches

Sweet and tender chunks of pulled pork loaded into a two-hander sammich of deliciousness.

Fully loaded smoked queso

Smokey, cheesy goodness loaded with chorizo and pickled jalapenos. 

Smoked Beef Barbacoa

Make incredibly tender smoked beef barbacoa with Hardcore Carnivore Black seasoning and a big ol' dose of smoke.

Classic Smoked Pork Ribs

Smoked St Louis cut pork ribs take on an incredible all-natural red glow thanks to our Hardcore Carnivore Red seasoning.


Smoked Bacon Wrapped Pickles

Meet your new favorite appetizer...and they taste even better than they sound.

Meatchelada chili lime fajitas

Lone Star beer makes the perfect marinade for these tangy chili lime fajitas made with Hardcore Carnivore Meatchelada.

Smoked crispy Cajun wings

You can have it all - crispy skin, juicy meat and smokey goodness with these Cajun wings.

Brisket Pastrami

Upgrade humble corned beef and go for a whole brisket pastrami instead.

Smoked BBQ beans

Thick & hearty beans - with just the right amount of sweet smokiness - make the perfect BBQ side dish.

Creamy Cajun pastalaya

While this creamy pastalaya recipe isn't 100% authentic, it is 100% delicious. 

Grilled Jalapeno Bacon Shrimp

The key to successfully grilling these salty morsels of shrimp, jalapeno and bacon is indirect heat.

Smoked Cornbread Stuffing

The perfect mix of salty and sweet, with hints of garlic, sage & jalapeno.

Perfect Fried Turkey

Cooking the perfect bird is as easy as the right temp oil and our Fried Turkey seasoning.

Tex Mex Refried Beans

It's easy to make incredibly flavorful and creamy frijoles at home.

Smoked Beef Ribs

One of the hallmarks of Texas barbecue - impossibly tender beef with a killer crust thanks to our Black seasoning.

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Get ready for legit pork candy with these smokey, sweet and saucy pork belly burnt ends with our Red seasoning.

Smoked BBQ Pulled Lamb

This incredibly rich meat becomes even more irresistible when when paired with Hardcore Carnivore Camo and smoke.

Pimento Stuffed Poppers

Pimp your poppers with a creamy, bubbly pimento cheese centre, and a crunchy, savory Amplify topper.

Smoked Red Chicken Wings

Whether finished with a sauce or left as a dry rub, these wings get some serious color from our Red seasoning.

Perfect Smoked Tri Tip

This phenomenal steak is even more epic when paired with a vivid contrasting crust from Hardcore Carnivore Black.

Meatchelada Chili Lime Wings

Never has there been a better match for chicken wings than the epic combo of chili and lime in our Meatchelada rub.

Smoked Brazilian Picanha

Also known as Top Sirloin, this Brazilian cut tastes incredible when smoked to medium rare. 

Grilled Crab with Amplify Butter

You'll never settle for plain butter again after you taste our Amplify version.

Black Smoked Prime Rib

Use our Black seasoning to add a salted, buttery crust to your smoked prime rib. 

Chicken Fried Dove Breast

Our Amplify seasoning will take your chicken-fried crust to the next level.

Grilled Spatchcocked Turkey

Spatchcocking the turkey cooks it faster and more evenly - cook it like the pros do!

Smoked Glazed Meatloaf

This smoked and glazed meatloaf stays incredibly juicy while cooking.

Reverse Seared Steak

Reverse sear using Hardcore Carnivore Black is an amazing and precise way to cook thick steaks

Spanish Style Rice

Our Meatchelada seasoning is perfect for adding instant chile lime flavor to make spanish style rice. 

Barbecue Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is a great recipe for BBQ beginners - it's so easy to nail that tender, juicy smoked meat. 

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Tangy, salty corn with a hint of lime, these elotes get another a huge flavor hit with our savory Amplify. 

Roasted Red Chicken

Upgrade the humble chicken with a healthy dose of Hardcore Carnivore Red rub.

Mango Pork & Coconut Rice

Tender braised pork is complimented by the tropical sweetness of mango, and burst of color from our Red rub.

Smoked Pork Chops

Make incredibly juicy smoked pork chops with our Red seasoning and a smoke'n'sear combo.