Perfect Fried Turkey

Perfect Fried Turkey

Cooking the perfect bird is as easy as the right temp oil and our Fried Turkey seasoning.

Extra equipment: you will need a digital or probe thermometer to monitor your oil temperature AND the finished temp of the bird.



    1. Fill a turkey fryer with the oil, and heat to 350f. 
    2. Season the turkey generously with the Hardcore Carnivore Fried Turkey seasoning. 
    3. Place the turkey on a frying rack, and apply additional seasoning if needed.
    4. Lower the turkey slowly into the hot oil, then cover and maintain a temperature of at least 325-350f. Cook the bird for around 3 mins per pound. Towards the end of the cook time, monitor the internal temperature with a probe thermometer, inserted into the thigh.
    5. When the temperature reads 160f, remove the bird from teh grease and set it aside to rest. Though the safe poultry temp is 165f, the turkey will continue to increase in temperature slightly even after it is removed from the oil. 
    6. For a fresher, bolder and hotter flavor, apply a light dusting of Fried Turkey seasoning to the bird as soon as it comes out of the oil. 
    7. After 10-15 minutes of resting, remove the bird from the frying rack, then carve and serve.


*the exact amount of oil required depends on your fryer. Please be careful to fill according to instructions. Do not overfill.