Hardcore Carnivore: Black shaker jar

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  • Product Description

      Black is our best selling seasoning. It’s an activated charcoal rub with vivid color contrast. 

      Hardcore Carnivore Black is the ultimate rub for beef and red meat. It’s packed with quality ingredients that enhance the flavor of your meat without overpowering it. HCB is incredible on steaks creates the most epic bark on brisket and BBQ meats.

      Flavor profile: classic spices like garlic and coarse black pepper with a subtle flavor to let the meat do the talking.

      Hardcore Carnivore Black is: Gluten Free, No MSG, No artificial colors and low GI.

      Ingredients: Sea Salt, White Sugar, Black Pepper, Dehydrated Garlic and Onion, Chili Powder (Chili Pepper, Salt, Cumin, Oregano and Garlic), Activated Charcoal and Silicon Dioxide (Less than 2% used for anti-caking).

      Net weight: 13 oz

      hard core carnivore black

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mike Paul

I’ve been putting on steaks and burgers. Great taste

Nathan Buentello
Great seasoning

I am a huge fan of the seasonings I bought 30 shakers to give out in gift baskets.

Matthew Pommer

I am a dentist, one of my patients recommended Hard Core Carnivore Black, he was Adamant about how awesome it is. I blindly decided to give it a try. Wow, Wow, Wow, it is Famously Fabulous! Way better than any other run I have ever used! I will do all his dental work for free because his recommendation was so darn awesome!

Ray Thompson
The Final Touch

I’m a backyard barbecuer and very particular about how my steak is finished. I’m into my 4th jar of Black and I love it. Hardcore Carnivore has created a masterpiece on this one. Great flavor as it enhances the steak.


Love this stuff. This is my second time ordering it