Double Smoked Ham

Double Smoked Ham

Double the smoke for double the flavor, with an ultra-glossy finish from our Burnt Ends Sauce.


  • 1 x cooked (smoked ham), preferably skin off
  •  Hardcore Carnivore Burnt Ends Sauce


  1. Heat a smoker or pellet grill to 250f. 
  2. Place the ham on a rack (cut side down) over a foil pan for easy clean up. There should be ample airflow underneath the rack. 
  3. Cook for 20 mins per pound, until it reads 140f internal temperature.
  4. Pour over a jar of the Burnt Ends Sauce, ensuring the surface is covered completely, then return to the smoker for 10 minutes to set.


  • Hams can be boneless or bone-in
  • Larger or bone-in hams may take longer to reach correct warming temperatures.
  • Accurately measure the internal temp with a quality thermometer.