Hardcore Carnivore Disposable Nitrile Gloves

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  • Product Description

      Extra thick disposable nitrile gloves, perfect for grilling, meat handling and food prep. 

      • Extra thick - 5 MIL
      • Puncture and tear resistant
      • Full textured surface (to really grip those briskets!)
      • 100% latex-free
      • Powder-free

      One size fits most, 50 gloves per pack

Customer Reviews

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Good quality

These gloves are much stronger than traditional nitrile gloves.

Joshua Boncosky
Hardcore Carnivore is Legit AF

I’ve followed you guys for a quick minute now. I’ve always loved the extremely useful tips about cooking meat. I finally pulled the trigger on some of your products in the expectations that I would receive the goods prior to US Thanksgiving. I was informed that my rub wouldn’t be delivered until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I was bummed and I expressed my frustration to the HC rep. The rep made me feel better and assured me that I would be alright. They were right. The spices arrived. Thanksgiving was saved! Love you!

Mike Bryant
Fantastic product

Hardcore Carnivore Black is not an optional ingredient for smoking brisket. It is an absolute necessity! Great product!

Oscar G.
Fried Turkey spice!

I love the way Hardcore Carnivore does their marketing and how they innovate with their spice catalogs! The fried turkey seasoning is one of my favorites and I enjoy using it on a lot of dishes.

J Gould
Great for Grilling and Smoking

Good quality, work well when grilling at high temps and work well also for smoking at low to medium heat. Thick enough to allow you to remove food from the smoker by hand, and also flipping food when grilling at 700 to 750 degrees without burning the skin. Use tongs or spatula to remove from grill when cooking at high temps.