Hardcore Carnivore High Heat Gloves

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  • Product Description

      Move grates, open lids and even handle hot briskets with our silicon-grip high heat gloves.
      • Heat protection up to 1400f 
      • Heat & flame resistant
      • Non-slip silicon grip
      • Machine washable (this is the important part!)

      Plus did we mention, the awesome HARD CORE design? 

      One size fits most - these will be snug on larger hands. 

      For information on heat resistance please refer to chart image.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
michael mule
Great Rub a must try

Ive benn smoking on 5 years now trying different rubs, I have one go to rub as everyone probably does. This is the first rub in five years that has me ordering more and suggesting to friends who loved it as well. definitely a must try!!!

Stephen Anderson
Nice gloves, but a bit too small for me.

These were great and I liked the style. But I have big hands and I was not able to get them on easily, and even then my hands were only partly in the gloves. So I recommend maybe offering them in more than one size in the future? There must be other guys like me who have the same problem. I buy XL work gloves in the hardware store and they seem generally OK, fit-wise, so I can't be that unusual.

Donald Perry

Highly recommend

N. Babcock
Cool T-Shirt

I bought an olive drab HARDCORE CARNIVORE tee…excellent quality material and manufacturing…and it’s not too hot! I highly recommend it!

Greg Bauer

Hardcore Carnivore High Heat Gloves