Pitmaster Log Book with blank recipe templates

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      Introducing the Hardcore Carnivore Pitmaster Log Book, a collab project with Stone Note Books.

      This quality journal is not only stylish but extremely practical - made from stone paper which makes it tear resistant, blood proof, grease proof and sweat proof. 

      Record & document the finer details of your cook using our recipe templates, in a book that's sturdy enough to be passed down for generations.

      This 8x5" logbook includes 50 blank templates, and a generous section for general notes with lined pages, perfect for all other meat-related records and musings.

      Additional features include: page marker ribbon, elastic closure, pen holder and luxury faux leather finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marybeth Carella
Great asset for bbq

The book is top shelf and makes a dream to remember what worked and what didn’t! The paper is excellent!

Lance Eaker
Pitmaster Log Book

Good looking notebook with lots of valuable templates for recipes and what not.

Robert Hassell
Highly recommended

I have showed this to my pit master friends and will be using this going forward so I can share with others the art of Texas BBQ.

Jeremy Grun
Nice logbook

Good quality and presentation when logging recipes and rating by different categories to nail down those go-tos when looking through. Just make sure to use an ink that doesn’t smear due to the type paper it has. The paper has a coating that will make it last a long time with grease or oils that may get on it.

John Gibbons
Would like more

This log book has nice non staining pages and the outside binder is beautiful. I like how the log pages are arranged side by side when opening the book.
There are too many blank note pages, leaves me with an empty feeling. Would like to see some basic smoke/grilling tips, cooking measurements, cook time frames, and to include some basic recipes. This could be an book to inspire others to cook outer doors and get them started.
I would love to see every backyard to have a grill and people gather and fellowship.
I’m glad I purchased this log book but I will build on it to inspire other’s to get out and grill.
NCPC Whole Hog Judge
KCBS Judge