Black Carbon Steel 8" Chefs Knife

$59.99 USD

  • Product Description


      Hardened through a special manufacturing process, this knife is made from AISI martenistic carbon steel, which has incredible strength and edge holding capacity.

      The blade has been treated with a hot dip phosphatization to develop a dark matte black finish. This acts as a protective layer and reduces oxidization. 

      The textured knife handle is black Micarta, made from cotton fiber materials compressed into resin.

      Knife blade is 8". Overall length is 13".

      Note: carbon steel knives require more specialized care. They are prone to rust, and so need to be washed and dried immediately after use. If not in use for extended periods, it's advised to spray a thin layer of oil or Crisbee on the blade and store wrapped in cling wrap. The hot dip finish on these knives will help in slowing rust build up.